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Through teaching, Elin shares her knowledge from decades of working with dyes. Her main teaching focus is on the “how and why” dyes work. In essence, she teaches students how to “think like a dye”.


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If you are interested in scheduling a workshop or lecture, please contact Elin.

Subtractions and Additions
3-5 days, intermediate to advanced

In this class we will explore what happens when color is repeatedly added and removed through sequential itajime shibori steps. Itajime shibori, or clamp-resist dyeing, is based on wooden boards held on either side of accordion folded cloth before the cloth is dyed. This class is an in-depth exploration of how the different folds, and the location, shape, and size of the boards, influence the overall pattern. At least fifteen different folds will be demonstrated. We will use Procion MX fiber reactive dyes on cellulose cloth (cotton, rayon, Tencel, hemp, and linen) and acid dyes on silk, and we will selectively remove color using Thiox. True magic happens when color is removed and another color is put in its place. The end result will be cloth filled with luminosity, displaying sophisticated color nuances, as well as visual complexity.

Natural Dyes: Hand-Painting a Color Library
3-5 days, all levels
In this three-day workshop we will create a color library by directly applying mordants and natural dyes. The color library will be created using three mordants, alum, iron, and titanium, and twelve different dyes. The color library will become a reference library for future projects.

Prior to dyeing we will apply mordants with brushes, set the mordants, paint the cloth with thickened natural dye extracts, and steam set the colors. The class will cover proper fiber preparation and successful steaming.
Natural Dyes: Developing a Personal Language
3-5 days, all levels
Learn to paint and print with natural dyes. This workshop will concentrate on the direct application of mordants and natural dyes using various tools and techniques, including mono printing, stamping, and hand painting. Emphasis will be on developing unique color combinations and expressive personal marks. Prior to dyeing we will apply mordants using shibori, hand painting, and printing techniques. We will also discharge and over print with mordants in order to build complex patterns and layered surfaces. After that we will dye a range of colors on the mordanted cloth using direct application and/or dye baths with plant extracts.
Indigo Discharge: Blue, Brown, and White
3-5 days, all levels