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Building A Personal Language

The class will explore what happens when color is repeatedly removed and added through sequential stitched, pole wrapped, and clamped shibori techniques. The results produce cloth with luminosity, sophisticated color nuances, and visual complexity. Thiox will be the discharge agent. Procion MX fiber reactive dyes will be used for cellulose fibers (cotton, rayon, Tencel, hemp and linen) and acid dyes for silk. The basics will be demonstrated: why the different products are used and when to use them. Also covered will be safety, color mixing without using a recipe, fabric selection, and preparation.


Level: Some dye experience helpful, but not necessary

Facility needs:

Hot and cold running water

Stove or butane burners

Sink or two, or three with good drainage

Natural light

Space to hang 150-200 feet of clothes line(outside and out of the sun is just fine as long as it’s not raining)

4’x6’ table space per person

protect work space (floors and tables) if this is a concern

Length of class:

1 day to 2 weeks, and best as a 2 or more day class

Material Fee:

around $10-$35 depending on length of class

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